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Sugar Loaf Guild : journeymen full time working artists and artisans


       Sugar Loaf, NY 10981

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  Updated Aug 14, 2017 | By Bob Fugett

    Sugar Loaf University : Ph.D. Program in Studio Arts

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PhD Program in Studio Arts
program overview

Prerequisites to Ph.D. Program in Studio Arts

Master of Fine Arts plus language requirement* from an accredited institution of higher learning.

Three letters of recommendation.

Four year residency in Sugar Loaf, New York, as a working artist with studio open to the public maintaining full time hours.

Those who believe art is not a science do not know art.
Those who believe science is not an art do not know science.
— Bob Fugett

Available Grants

The Lenny Silver $1,000.00 study grant is available for use in any of the approved for-credit Sugar Loaf classes including this Ph.D. Program in Studio Arts.

Numerous government grants and residency fellowship grants are also available.

Application for grants along with entrance into the program may be made in person at the Endico Watercolor Studio.

Although grants may be used for program fees, government student loans (in fact loans of any kind) are not accepted as payment in the doctoral studies program.

Too many students find themselves hobbled by significant debt immediately on completion of many institutional upper level programs, but the Sugar Loaf University Ph.D. Program in Studio Arts remains an unencumbered springboard for success in the arts.

Loans may of course be used for qualifying undergraduate and graduate studies at other institutions.

Program Supervisor

Bob Fugett, Ph.D. [Why]

●  40 year resident artist Sugar Loaf, New York
●  Leader and member of numerous community groups
 Consultant and adviser for many Sugar Loaf artists
 Partner, manager, promotional and technical services for
     Endico Watercolor Studio
●  Composer, performer, mixing and recording engineer of
     Factory Preset

●  Master musician whose main instrument is the written word.

Truth Beauty Art (Bob's lifelong interest in the Arts)
MacMurray College (how Bob gained the skills required)

Full credentials on request with application to Ph.D. Program


Wide range of studies specifically directed at achieving a high degree of success as an independent self-directed culturally significant artist.

Includes use of digital and traditional tools in all media establishing a successful working environment and promotional presence for leading community-wide improvement resulting in a significant positive cultural impact.

Rigorous study of writing, semiotics, communication skills, collector relations, project management and accounting systems, museum level archival practices.

For general orientation to the program read:

How to Write a Dissertation
(on the Purdue website)

The Sugar Loaf University Ph.D. Program in Studio Arts follows the same line of thought as outlined on the Purdue website linked above.

For more information visit the Endico Watercolor Studio.

The first question on the application for entrance into the program asks:

"Does the Sugar Loaf University Ph.D. Program in Studio Arts exist?"

[support your answer by citing sources]

Program Committee

Bob Fugett, Ph.D.
Mary Endico (Ph.D. Candidate)
Clay Boone (tenured professor)

Excuse us for a moment while we feed Google:

PhD Program in Studio Arts
Ph.D. Program in Studio Arts
PhD Program in Studio Arts
Phd. Program in Studio Arts
Doctoral Program in Studio Arts


Summer reading and mandatory orientation to the Sugar Loaf University, PhD Program in Studio Arts:

Cover : Print Version
Botanical Rain: the semiotics of an enduring Endico image
Print Version ISBN: 978-0-9827073-1-9

Those who believe art is not a science, do not know art.

Those who believe science is not an art, do not know science.

Creative and artistic excellence is something that absolutely can be studied, learned, and implemented with great and consistent success.

This book is about a single watercolor by Mary Endico, painted as a plein air from memory when she was only 23 years old.

For nearly half a century afterwards the watercolor "Botanical Rain" has been a perennial favorite on display in the Endico watercolor studio.

During that time Mary has sold more than 21,000 of her own original watercolors, painted by her own hand and self-sold directly to collectors visiting her studio in Sugar Loaf, NY.

Today Endico paintings are found in permanent collections of museums and "Botanical Rain" is a favored magazine cover image.

This book reveals the foundations of Mary's long standing process that has resulted in her lifetime of success as a professional watercolor artist.


Draft mode details of PhD Program in Studio Arts found here.

Ph.D. Program in Studio Arts
In January of 2017 the Sugar Loaf University, Ph.D. Program in Studio Arts
was immortalized in an article by The Delaware and Hudson Canvas (p. 10)

People have begun calling Mr. Fugett: Dr. Bob.
He, however, prefers the more formal: Dr. Bobby.

Head of Ph.D. Program in Studio Arts, Dr. Bobby,
shown conducting a Master Class in Cycling Pain.
(pro bono)
Nov. 19, 2006


photo of Bob Fugett and Mary Endico Fugett by: Paul Levine (one of the cycling industry greats)
shown Left > Right: Mary Endico, George Meyer, Dan McNeilly, Peter Cotsis, Joe Straub (Straub's Fitness), Bob Fugett [rider behind Peter Cotsis unidentified]

*language requirement: English as primary language is assumed though not required; speaking knowledge of a second language plus reading knowledge of a third is required.

03/18/17: As of today search engine text returns for this page have stalled in the top 20, but given the Sugar Loaf University Ph.D. Program in Studio Arts is the only true Ph.D. Program in Studio Arts (proven by searching for either PhD Program in Studio Arts or Ph.D. Program in Studio Arts inside of quotes reveals this is the only page which will be returned), it behooves me to put a few more instances of the character string here. That is exactly what this paragraph accomplishes. Image returns for PhD Program in Studio Arts or Ph.D. Program in Studio Arts without quotes have already been returning this page as 1, 2, 3 for some time. Only bots have been hitting this page in any case which proves the market for such programs is very small though institutions still pad their returns by misdirecting interested students to their own significantly different programs.

03/23/17: Ok, the paragraph above worked, and one of the Sugar Loaf University Ph.D. Program in Studio Arts return types is now in the top 10, so another mention of my big two search goals (Sugar Loaf University PhD Program in Studio Arts and Sugar Loaf University Ph.D. Program in Studio Arts) couldn't hurt! Further explanation is best left for inclusion in the Ph.D. program itself.






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