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Bob causing trouble

Full Disclosure

Updated December 01, 2020 | By Bob Fugett

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affiliated with SNHU in any way


Quick Summary: distance learning has a long way to go ─  As of 11/12/20 this book back to being a purely draft version as I can no longer whole heartedly endorse SNHU. I was halfway through my first course, sitting on three A's for work submitted, when the instructor's tone changed drastically to the negative. I have no idea why the abrupt change, but I have heard the best way to handle such situations is to run away as fast and far as possible. Therefore, I immediately withdrew from SNHU. Ironically this happened during an assignment on "tone and context". I assume they expected I would not be able to identify their shift in tone if I had not completed the assignment. They themselves never exhibited any knowledge of the context of my own writing (lifelong writer with significant following). In order to stem the impending hemorrhaging of credential, I thanked them for their service and formally withdrew from classes. I am now free to go back to my alternate plan of self-establishing a credential through publication of my four year MacMurray College transcript plus completing a DALF certification from the French government. These pages are left here live in case they may still be of help over the coming months while I edit them in light of my new understanding of SNHU. It boils down to this: I have no problem following a kindergarten curriculum so long as I am not treated like a 3rd grader while doing so... and that by a 2nd grader.  

[11/19/20 update: I have identified 4 separate IP#'s hit this page from my email to SNHU tagged emoB_SNHU_withdrawal, so I know they have seen the problem. My last email out to SNHU after withdrawal waives my privacy rights and allows full use of the work product with attribution. That email is posted at the bottom of the Problems page. My work here is done. ]

I never talk to anybody who is not giving me either
shitloads of money or a smidgen of academic credit.

My name is Bob Fugett, and this Book Framework contains notes regarding my completion of a B. A. in English Literature after transferring credits to online classes at SNHU.

The bulk of my studies were achieved as a full time student on-campus at MacMurray College 1968-72.

I needed just 1.5 semesters of 2nd year French to complete my MacMurray degree when I applied for admission at SNHU.

Unfortunately only about half of my credits transferred, so it was almost like starting over.

One might ask why I am actually very happy with that result and am charging straight ahead into SNHU coursework.

Here is the answer.

I approach online SNHU as if it is just another computer application purpose-built for a particular task.

I am a skilled typist with a deep command of Word, Excel, Photoshop, Access, C#, Sql, ASP.NET, and a host of other best-in-class computer programs which are now often free and open source.

Back in the day we called such programs killer apps, and everybody spent a lot of time tracking down the most useful.

Therefore I did my standard deep dive into the SNHU website: left to right, top to bottom, iteratively reviewing and retracing my steps through every aspect.

Thus I can state without question SNHU is a purpose-built educational powerhouse.

In order to work toward accredited certifications from undergraduate to graduate degrees, students are not required to pre-commit to massive debt and life draining on-campus requirements.

You need only apply successfully (at no charge), sign up and pay for a course, learn the website, and get going.

Even if you are not totally certain of your final landing spot, the work you do will be progressively aggregated toward an accredited degree.

Beyond that, you will also be following a course of study that all but guarantees future success.

Of course nothing is 100%, but my experience at SNHU has already provided the perfect review as to why my four years of college long-ago prepared me for a lifetime of success in the oddest fields imaginable... even without receiving the final certificate.

And the SNHU process has proven quite remarkably the same as my on-campus experience.

Hopefully, this SNHU process will also prove robust, persistent, flexible, and open enough to supplant my e-book process.

If you are wondering why there are so many links to SNHU here, it is because I do not want to leave any question that SNHU has no knowledge of this website, has not in any way endorsed it, that am I not paid to represent them, nor do I have any affiliation with them at all beyond the classes I am taking for my own improvement.

In fact, after I purchased the book for my first course twice (due to repeated email prompts to do so), I decided to call it quits with SNHU and otherwise continue establishing my own credential in my own manner.

In the process I soon found that all roads led back to SNHU, so all things considered, the combination e-book/online classes hybrid credential presented here is most efficient.

I am also directing every link I can back to SNHU because I have a history of taking over Google and other search engine returns, so there is the possibility that soon anybody looking for SNHU will find themselves on this page.

So here we are, or rather, there you go... to SNHU.

NOT affiliated with SNHU in any way

- Bob Fugett


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